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Take the journey through the forest, and life, to find the answer to the same old
question that youngsters and adults have perpetually asked for ages, “What more is
there to life besides work.”
In animation with human complements, our characters take you through and
adventure of excitement, comedy and realism, caressed with virtuousness and hair-
raising thrills.
Luckily surviving death at the hands of a winter storm, Billie beaver, Squirrel and Old
Will, the woodpecker, encounter and subdue a thief; then proceed to rescue the old
man of the mountain, Hans, from a confining nursing home; before realizing that they
each have special qualities which lead to a worthy life, providing they do what they
do best.
By reading Doing What We Do Best, you will learn to better understand yourself,
your friends, and the world surrounding us. As Billie the beaver said, “Life is loving,
helping and working with others, and enjoying it. We have to be who we are, do
what we do best, and not what others want us to be, or want us to do.
Read and enjoy the story, the many colored illustrations, and the message a valued
life requires.
Book Excerpt:
“Hans tried to use his clumsy hands to help us dress him, but they just got in the way. Hands and feet were flying in all
directions as we hurried the dressing, only to wind up with a big mess. Shoes were put on before socks, and his shirt was
half buttoned before we realized it was on backward. A sigh completed the dressing but we didn’t have time to appreciate
our accomplishment. We scurried Hans secretly out the back door like bandits holding on to their treasure.”
ISBN13: 978-1-4010-6716-8 (Picture Book) $25.99
ISBN: 1-4010-6716-6 (Picture Book) $25.99
ISBN13: 978-1-4134-4142-0 (Picture Book - Hardcover) $31.99
ISBN: 1-4134-4142-4 (Picture Book - Hardcover) $31.99
Pages: 74
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Some versions of the title are available also from other various
on-line retailers. See the “Order” page for a list of retailers and
other important information if ordering direct from the author.
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Subject: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / General
Book Format: Portrait 8.5 x 11
  Age Level: 8 - 99