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Private investigators, Stan Stanton and Sandra Hawkins, find themselves involved in
the worst type of crime there is: Crime that abuses humanity. Turkish Delights is about,
fighting against those who would take advantage of others for monetary gain while
bringing harm to men, women and children.
Assuming the identity of wealthy diamond mine owners with distribution outlets
throughout the world, Stan and Sandra - under the alias of Carl and Catherine Apple -
gain the confidence of drug dealers - one of which is Stan’s eternal nemesis, Igor. The
drug dealer invites Stan and Sandra to inspect his cigarette manufacturing facility in
Romania, intending to involve them in world distribution of his contaminated product.
After Sandra questions the legality of his operation, he responds in Chapter Three …
“My dear, what is illegal to some, can be fantastically lucrative to others. Unless the
governments get their share in taxes on the products, they will always claim the
operations to be illegal. In spite of what they say, we give the people not only what they
want, but what they deserve.”
While observing the manufacturing facility, Sandra realizes that Asian women attend the
operation through forced labor as explained in Chapter Five …
“I found out what they really mean by ‘Turkish Delights.’ It all seems to fit in with what
you heard at the bar. ‘Yellow slavery’ could be another name for it. Selem buys young
girls from poor Thailand families on the premise of giving them a new life elsewhere.
They work, or actually, they slave for him while supposedly paying off their family debt. While under his control they are
forced into prostitution, and everything else horribly degrading to women. Besides being involved in the making of the illicit
cigarettes, the girls must also be involved in the distribution process.”
Stan and Sandra, with the help of the Romanian authorities, crush the operation, free the enslaved women, and arrest all
involved - except the mastermind leader, who escapes to London.
In London, Stan and Sandra enlist the help of Colonel Banister, Scotland Yard and some unsuspecting allies... will they
capture the culprit before he can destroy his complete records and do additional harm to others?
Read this Stan Stanton Thriller and find out!
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