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One thing is certain: The Adventures of “Jumping Jack” will brighten any reader’s and
listener’s day, bringing pleasure every time it is read. In each of these six short
stories, Jumping Jack, a lovable grasshopper, travels through time; from coast to
coast; and out of this world. He gets into situations beyond belief that are loaded with
Jumping Jack sneaks aboard a spacecraft in the first story, “Out of this World,” to travel
to – well, as the story tells us:
As buttons were pushed and handles pulled, the rocket again began to shake, and with
a thump, set down on a place called the moon. Jack’s eyes opened wide as the door
opened, and one of the men stepped down a ladder. He didn’t understand what the
man meant when he heard him say, “One small step for man, and one giant leap for
mankind.” He was more interested in wanting to get out of there.
Jack gets back into the spacecraft and returns to Grassville where Mayor Hoppity Q.
Meadows gives Jack all the accolades he is able to bestow on him - although, Jack
would have preferred nothing more than a good size sandwich.
In the second Jumping Jack story of this book, “My Enemy, My Friend,” Jack faces a
dilemma. With an on coming storm, he must decide whether to save all the
grasshoppers in Grassville, or rescuing a colony of ants who are grasshopper’s perpetual enemy. As Mayor Meadows wife
“I know some of us have misgivings, and I realize that there is a risk. But, it is right for us to help those less fortunate. We
must work together when they need our help. Join together and hurry, for there isn’t much time left.”
As the grasshoppers helped the ants, the ants reciprocated by helping the grasshoppers:
And the ants and grasshoppers sat down to prepare the menu for a celebration feast. Enemies, now friends, working together
and realizing, that wasn’t so difficult after all.
Each of the other four stories within this book, illustrate Jumping Jack’s delightful character and what his appetite preference
From “Schools Out – It’s Party Time:”
With the aroma of ripe coconuts in the air, Jack’s thoughts turned to breakfast. Breathing in deep he smiled and said, “I could
sure go for a banana pizza with anchovies.”
As a special treat, the author narrates the first story, “Out of this World,” with voice modulation and musical accompaniment
on a CD for perpetual enjoyment.
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Subject: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / General
Book Format: Portrait 8.5 x 11
  Age Level: 8 - 99
Currently, a comb bound 8 1/2” x 11” version of this book (plus bonus CD of one story) is available only through the author. The book
will be autographed and can be personally inscribed with a message if you include the message with the order. If you are ordering
more than one book and/or CD (same title or a variety) direct from Arley, e-mail him FIRST. He will send you an e-mail from Pay Pal
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Also an E-Book version of this collection of short stories (or the CD) can be sent to you via e-mail. There are no shipping or handling
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COMB BOUND VOLUME OR CD (all of the stories):