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An egotistical elf king, whose name is Smoochkin, rules with a magical wand over
the village of Sylvania. He puts smiles on faces, laughter in voices and love in
hearts. But he is disturbed when he sees his citizens crying and sad in sympathy for
a frightening dragon, Horrible Hortense.
As he states:
My, my, my, what’s this I see?
My subjects crying, this cannot be.
Against my wishes, it is treason,
But I’m sure, you’ve got good reason.
So speak now and tell me the matter,
For your displease’n makes me ever sadder.
A problem, or a wish, my magic wand will make it gladder.”
It is with cleverness and magic that Smoochkin resolves and restores his village to
its old self and creates another pleasure for his people. But how the king fulfills the
dragon’s request to undo her horribleness and what she has to give-up instead, is
the true heart of this story.
As the elf concludes:
“Fill the world with laughter,
and rid it of disaster.
Loneliness, sadness can become a bore.
Nip it I must at the core.
Today, I feel awfully proud,
I did it all, for crying out loud.”
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This story has also been published in the anthology,
Animals, a Creative With Words Publication, 1994.
  Age Level: 8 - 99
Currently, a comb bound 8 1/2” x 11” version of this book is available only through the author. The book will be autographed and can
be personally inscribed with a message if you include the message with the order. If you are ordering more than one book (same title
or a variety) direct from Arley, e-mail him FIRST. He will send you an e-mail from Pay Pal with the correct shipping costs. If you just
use the Pay Pal button below, shipping is charged for each book. For more information about Pay Pal, and ordering, be sure to review
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Also an E-Book version of this dragon adventure can be sent to you via e-mail. There are no shipping or handling fees associated with
the purchase.