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Author, Arley J. Koran has extensive writing styles that allows readers of all ages to enjoy his books. There are the adult
"Stan Stanton Thrillers," the children's "Animals Can Teach Us Much" series, and his incomparable holiday seasonal
publications; all are well worth reading and sharing with family and friends. Choice stories are included on CD's with
musical affects and voice modulation and several are translated in different languages.
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Explore riveting and humorous adventures of
Stan Stanton as he solves mysteries around
the world. This section gives details on all
the books of this very enjoyable private
investigator series.
The "Animals Can Teach Us Much" series are
books, written for children as well as adults,
using animal characters to teach inspirational
virtues about the values of honesty, loyalty,
teamwork and unselfishness. Also found here
are books for teens. Read more about all the
youth fiction in this section and view some of
the great illustrations.
Here you will find the information about how
to purchase Arley J. Koran works. Some are
available through major retailers, others
directly through the author. Complimentary
library gifts are also available.
Here you will find inspirational fiction
designed to inspire you to become your
potential. Great stories that everyone can
relate to.
Master storyteller Arley Koran has spiritually
blended wisdom insight and virtue within each
heartfelt story. Explore these holiday story
collections with your entire family and
discover anew that which binds and lifts all of
humanity when we keep these teachings in
our heart year round.
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everything else from the site map and
biography of Arley J. Koran to links and
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